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Compounding is how you will achieve your writing dream

Hello writer, aggressive changes to deeply embedded routines don’t work.

We are creatures of habit.

Someone who eats food seven times a day will not be able to change their eating pattern overnight.

The same principle applies to writers who want to achieve their writing dreams.

An incomplete manuscript or a blank page can’t become a finished manuscript overnight.

That’s why you need to accept compounding as the key to achieving your writing dream especially if you believe the journey is still far for you.

Compounding is the concept of letting small daily routines change your life enough where they eventually snowball into huge positive changes.

Take for example – suppose you write an hour a day for three days, you won’t see big changes in the first week.

But if you do this for one month or two months, you will make tremendous progress. In fact, you may finish your manuscript within two months.
That’s a huge transformation.

Remember this: good things take time.

Forget about shortcuts, if you want to get lasting results, follow the process.

James Clear, in his book, Atomic Habits said “Making a choice that is one percent better or one percent worse seems insignificant at the moment, but over the span of moments that make up a lifetime, these choices determine the difference between who you are and who you could be…Success is the product of daily habits, not once in a lifetime transformations.”

I guess your question is; what if I want to write my book and achieve my writing dream but lack the right guidance?

Worry no more. At Ifeadigo Publishing Company, we don’t just provide top-notch publishing services, we also help writers become authors.

Over the past twelve months, we’ve worked with lawyers, bankers, doctors, writers, engineers and professionals from different fields who have their book ideas or have started writing their books but needed guidance to birth a quality product that would sell.

Let’s help you win.

Do you have a book idea but don’t know how to start your book writing project?

Do you want to achieve your writing dream?

Are you struggling to write and finish your book?

Do you have a book you want to publish (in print or digital platforms or both)?

Send us a message today. We are ready to work with you. Let’s bring your book to life.

We wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

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