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Ifeadigo Publishing Company Limited – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Most publishing companies have lots of printing press and are ready to print thousands of copies of your book once you pay their hefty charges. But after that what happens? What happens to book sales? What happens to your author brand? How do you sell your books?

At Ifeadigo Publishing, we do the opposite. We understand the market because we have a global writing community on Facebook and we work closely with writers, individuals and organizations who want to turn their book ideas into published assets. We know how to meet and fulfil the needs of our clients beyond publishing in the digital age.

At Ifeadigo, we wouldn’t want to publish a book only the author’s friends and family members would buy. We also wouldn’t want you to publish thousands of copies of your book which will then stay in your house while collecting dust for years.
We want to publish a book that will sell.
Beyond just paying for our services, we will create a marketing template that you will use to build your author platform, and promote your book in both online and offline channels.

Here’s what you gain when you pay for any of our services:


  • Quality service
  • You will get your job delivered to you at the shortest possible time
  • A free strategy session on branding, book marketing and promotion. This service costs $500 but because you are a member of our VIP, you will get it as a bonus (You will only get this if you pay for any of our publishing services).

You are one step away from achieving your writing dream and we can make it happen.

Yes. We are ready to work with you and use the best Print on Demand Technology to print your paperback and send it to your doorstep. We can print as low as 50 copies and help you become a published author at an affordable cost.

Yes, we publish books on digital platforms such as Amazon, Okadabooks, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, Bambooks, Scribd, etc, and other international digital publishing platforms and put them in front of millions of readers all over the world. We are the bridge that connects authors to global readers.

It is no longer enough for authors to print their books through the local printing press whose works cannot be accessed by global readers online. At Ifeadigo Publishing Company, we help authors to gain visibility and reach global readers in our fast-changing 21st century world.

No, Ifeadigo Publishing Company is a tech-driven self-publishing company. When you work with a self-publishing firm, you control when the book is published, you retain all the rights to your book and you receive 100 percent of the profits. When you pay for any of our services, we will make sure your work is delivered to you in the shortest possible time.

Yes, we offer top-notch book cover design services. Book covers are like kings in a palace. A good cover attracts a potential reader. Amazing content without an appealing cover is like winking in the dark. At our publishing company, we give you the best design that suits just your perfect story/content, a design that compels people to go home with the book.

Kindly check our services for detail:

The worst thing that can happen to a book is if it’s poorly edited. It is a turn-off for readers to read through a book filled with errors. We will polish your manuscript to the highest standard possible. We handle structural editing, copy editing and proofreading. Our editors will polish your work and make it shine.

Most authors struggle to sell their books because they don’t have a strong book marketing campaign. At Ifeadigo, we don’t just publish, we publish books that sell. Even if you’ve published your book, we can design a book marketing template for you that will help you to promote your book both on online and offline channels.

Kindly check our services for detail:

Yes, Ifeadigo offers print on-demand service.

Yes, we can create beautiful illustrations for your work. We have the best illustrators in our team. We will bring the ideas you have in mind to life.

Yes, we offer professional manuscript assessment. We will conduct an in-depth study of your finished manuscript and offer you a professional (detailed) assessment of the flaws in the manuscript and how you can make it better. This covers chapter by chapter analysis, overall manuscript review and actionable steps to improve the quality and tone of the manuscript.

Yes, at Ifeadigo, we help writers become authors. Are you struggling with finishing your writing project? We will create a tailor-made writing schedule that will suit you and assign you an accountability partner from our team who will hold you accountable and ensure you complete your writing project.

Yes, we have a writing community on Facebook made up of over 10,000 writers from different parts of the world. There, we provide them with the knowledge, tools, resources, and mentorship that help them excel in their writing careers. Click the link below to join:

Ifeadigo is a tech-driven self-publishing company. We’ve worked with hundreds of writers from different parts of the world. Technology and the internet have increased the ease of doing business. Location is not a barrier. We are ready to work with you and help you achieve your writing dream.



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