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The Art of Writing is in the Rewriting

The Art of Writing is in the Rewriting

Many newbie writers worry too much. Most of them want to publish the first draft the moment they finish writing. Next, they worry that it is not good enough. Next, they compare themselves to other writers and worry that they are not good enough.

The moment they allow doubts to creep in, those doubts would restrict the flow of their creativity. What happens next? They confirm their worse fears when they discover that they have started struggling to write. Soon after that, the ideas would vanish and they won’t be able to write again.

Calm down. Here’s the truth: no piece of writing is good the first time it’s written. After writing, rewrite, revise and polish your work to make it shine.

Books are not written, they are re-written.” M.A. Drake.

Don’t be in a rush to write and publish your work. Writing is not a race to see who will finish first. Before you submit or publish your story/book, make sure you let another set of eyes read it and give you feedback.

Writers are too close to their writing and can’t see most of the errors in their works.

Writers need beta readers and professional editors to help them detect the errors in their works.

The role of an editor is to polish your writing and make it shine. Don’t skip this process.

How do you write a book readers will love?

The book(s) you admire passed through a series of revisions. When you finish writing, revise your work to correct all the errors and fix the plot holes. Next, send it to beta readers to read and give you feedback.

Beta readers may be experienced authors or your writer friends. Their feedback will help you make your work better.

Afterwards, send your manuscript to a professional editor. The editor will edit it and create the most readable version of your work. After the editing process, you can go ahead and start the process of publishing your work.

This is how you produce a work readers will love.

I hope you got value.

I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,
Stanley from Ifeadigo.

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